26 July 2008

Cry in the rain

I bask in the world around me
Bathe in the hurt drowning me
I swim through its rivers of pain
Travel its seas, blood-stained

And as I walk its valleys of shame
I'll keep my chin up, untamed
To keep a sane mind, I'll strain
For my chance to cry in the rain.


A single word is haunting you
A simple word is drowning you
A needle seeped into your heart
Now it's tearing you apart.

A soft whisper pounds at you ears
Manifesting your deepest fears
Your true self came to the surface
And now you have fallen from grace.

Whence came the laughs you used to share
All that you find now is despair
For that which you liked so much to boast
Is now what's hurting you the most.

Your illness, you fear, has no cure
The pain, for ever, you'll endure
A simple word shook down your throne
A single word left you alone.

What you thought'd last forever
Unexpectedly now is over
With you helplessly wondering
Why has your love gone missing.

The truth has come to the surface
The pain can be seen in your face
No longer can you fake happiness
Everyone knows your loneliness.

22 July 2008

Plea from within

Though you hear the bells ring
The birds, in the gallows, sing;
Announcing the air of change,
With you well within range.

You hear the calls, they echo
And they beg you to follow;
Yet you stand in the gallows
And yet another day follows.

You know it's time to move forward,
You can smell the need to renew;
Yet you stand with the very few,
Faithful to this psychic ward.

'Tis Spring outside and you'll miss it,
The birds, they sing, still you miss it;
And though you dream of fixing it,
Your life, here it is, you're messing it.

More and more driven to the ground,
Until no thing's left to be found;
As if you were never here at all,
Your future, you leave in free fall.

“Rise up!”, says your conscience.
“Will you just dare to take a chance?”
It's time to finish this chapter
Of your life to start another.

17 July 2008


To and fro
Without a thought
From loft to loft

Side to side
With no concern
Nor hope of return

Here and there
As fate's hands please
As a violent breeze

But before you come ashore
To something you might abhor;
To find someone you might adore
Just hold on like never before

And resist, resist, resist.

Simplest of Thoughts

Fear no longer controls me
My thoughts no longer restrain me
Freedom has been given to me
By the simplest of all thoughts

Fate has lost its hold on me
My days no longer affect me
Bliss has been offered to me
By the simplest of all thoughts

My hopes no longer drive me
Purpose has no meaning to me
Life has been given to me
By the simplest of all thoughts

None but myself now control me
In this new state of mind I found
Where I am free to roam at will
Reciting this simplest of thoughts

I am human, I am sentient.

Soundless Noise

Always there
Ever present
A soft whisper
A soundless noise

Always changing
Ever the same
Worries and pleas
A soundless noise

Always nagging
Ever growing
A soundless noise

Always fighting
Ever losing
I'd forgo all
To stop the noise

For just one second of Silence.


Spoken in a soft tone.
Pregnant with anger.
Echoing in Silence.

Eyes darting to and fro;
Unable to focus;
A mind in disbelief.

With anger bleeding through
-Sharp blade piercing a thin veil
Too often put to the test.

An amplified echo
Rippling from a fly's wings
Tearing the uneasy silence
A faint feeling peering through

A few tentative words:
Half-spoken explanations
From a heart seeking forgiveness
Crushing with shame. And guilt.

A lone tear.
Streaming down a stoic face
Blank. Dry. Emotionless.

All await. Silent. Motionless.

A smile.
Simple. Bright. Warm. Wide.
A moment of full comprehension;
Gone, all apprehension.
Given with a look of compassion:


The Call

A whisper.
A silent rush of words
Suddenly receding to your mind;
Thoughts caught in the soundless rhythm
Of a thousand ruffling letters.

A plea
From a heart too often ignored,
Aching for a moment's attention;
A sentence to top all others,
Three words hanging in still air

We are over.