13 January 2014

At the airport...


Tic tic tac.
Claquety clac!


Tic tic tic and tac.
A rhythm out of whac.


Let me write it all down
Before I head out of town.

Before this flight takes off,
Give me a chance to sound off.

Please Wait.

Don't start boarding, you just can't!
I need to finish this rant.

Just wait

Someone was wrong on the internet.
And this offense I must correct.

So wait.

01 January 2014

Happy New Year

All chant along.
Shut your eyes,
Calm your hearts.

Past the fireworks,
Past the blinding lights;

An arm's length away,
Underneath it all,
You will hear it's call;
All long for it's warmth.

Yes, it is coming,
Just as a new spring.

With the fresh new year,
Amidst all the cheer,
With a crescent smile
Hope has, at long last,

 Come along.