22 July 2017

The trip

If you could travel back to "when",
what then would you rejigger?

Regret smoulders the boldest men,
as it makes light of their vigour.
The cautious, robbed of acumen,
(meager reward for their rigor)
Heave their curses to high heaven.

Live, they say, this, as your last day.
Wherefore must it be but the last?

(I find the phrase rather morbid.)

If all your days are summed askew,
Let the tally begin anew.

Live (if I may), and love today;
Do make amends for a misstep,
but Yesterday's a fixed structure.
Tomorrow only seems torpid;
trust that it beckons you to stir.

If you must travel to a "when ",
then let it be your bright future;

The journey starts with but one step.