26 July 2008


A single word is haunting you
A simple word is drowning you
A needle seeped into your heart
Now it's tearing you apart.

A soft whisper pounds at you ears
Manifesting your deepest fears
Your true self came to the surface
And now you have fallen from grace.

Whence came the laughs you used to share
All that you find now is despair
For that which you liked so much to boast
Is now what's hurting you the most.

Your illness, you fear, has no cure
The pain, for ever, you'll endure
A simple word shook down your throne
A single word left you alone.

What you thought'd last forever
Unexpectedly now is over
With you helplessly wondering
Why has your love gone missing.

The truth has come to the surface
The pain can be seen in your face
No longer can you fake happiness
Everyone knows your loneliness.

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