22 July 2008

Plea from within

Though you hear the bells ring
The birds, in the gallows, sing;
Announcing the air of change,
With you well within range.

You hear the calls, they echo
And they beg you to follow;
Yet you stand in the gallows
And yet another day follows.

You know it's time to move forward,
You can smell the need to renew;
Yet you stand with the very few,
Faithful to this psychic ward.

'Tis Spring outside and you'll miss it,
The birds, they sing, still you miss it;
And though you dream of fixing it,
Your life, here it is, you're messing it.

More and more driven to the ground,
Until no thing's left to be found;
As if you were never here at all,
Your future, you leave in free fall.

“Rise up!”, says your conscience.
“Will you just dare to take a chance?”
It's time to finish this chapter
Of your life to start another.

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